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About Homelessness

People who are homeless can find it very difficult to find a place to live.

Buying a house is almost certainly out of the question, local authorities have big waiting lists and there is very little housing association accommodation available.

For many people, especially single people or couples without children, the only realistic option is accommodation in the private rented sector. 

Good quality affordable private rented accommodation has become increasingly difficult to find, especially for people on low incomes.


Sligo Social Service provides a number of services for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Homelessness - more than being without a house

Homelessness is a complex social problem. While the main need of people who are experiencing homelessness is long-term housing many people who are homeless have mental health, addiction or other support needs that must be addressed in order for them to be able to sustain long-term housing. People who are experiencing homelessness may require intensive short-term support or long-term support and assistance.

When considering the reasons and causes of homelessness, it is important to recognise that poverty is the primary cause of homelessness. This is often triggered by the breakdown of a family or marital relationship, drug or alcohol dependency or other crisis that may happen in a person’s life.

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Sligo Social Services provides accommodation for those who have been assessed by the Sligo Borough Council as homeless and families who may be at risk of becoming homeless.

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Substance Misuse Support

Homelessness has shown an association with an escalation in drug use and that using emergency accommodation can contribute to chaotic patterns of drug use among those who are trying to maintain some control over their use..

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